Will Positive Discipline Training Make Me a More Successful Nanny?

I often get asked if the Connection Centered Discipline Nanny Certification will make a real difference in a nanny’s career.  Normally the question is focused on marketability (and yes, it increases that) but I like to expand the focus because it does so much more for you as a caregiver.  Here’s my top ten list.

  1. As a nanny, you’re solely responsible for developing your own discipline philosophy and approach. There’s not a classroom management textbook or policies and procedures manual to refer to when you’re faced with a behavior challenge or an ages and stages transition.  It’s all up to you.  This class will give you the knowledge, tools, and confidence you need to effectively tackle whatever comes up. 

  2. Great nannying doesn’t just happen; it’s a craft that must be learned, practiced and molded to reflect your unique outlook and beliefs. This class is your time to connect with who you are as a caregiver, to explore your ideas around the best ways to grow happy, healthy kids, and to learn how to put those ideas into action in your day to day life.

  3. Handling “discipline issues” is the most time consuming and challenging part of working with kids. Let me clarify; in the world of Positive Discipline the word “discipline” isn’t just about handling misbehaviors.  It’s about helping kids learn to manage their emotions, teaching them life skills, empowering them to be proactive problem solvers, building a solid foundation of self-respect and self-worth, encouraging independence and accountability, and on and on.  Think about how much of your job is doing those things.  And then think about how much of your success on the job depends on doing those things well. 

  4. The overwhelming majority of parents are looking to hire a nanny who has a positive approach. Parents want to find a way to have happy yet well-behaved kids.  Finding that balance is one of the biggest challenges they face.  Which is why having a nanny who can set limits and enforce boundaries while supporting, teaching and empowering kids often feels like a miracle to struggling parents.  Cue the Mary Poppins accolades!

  5. You’ll also learn how to work collaboratively with the parents so you’re all on the same page. This class will give you super helpful tools and strategies to share with your employers when you’re faced with challenging behaviors and ages and stages transitions.  Of course the big question is how exactly do you share the information and work together effectively?  Well this class covers that too. 

  6. You’ll learn how to make Positive Discipline an everyday part of your job. Sure, you could read a Positive Discipline book and get the general gist of the approach.  Or you could hang out in Nanny Care Tribe and pick it up too.  But having a surface understanding of the approach and being able to put it into practice in real life are two very different things.  This class helps you become a skilled practitioner ready to handle whatever may come up.  

  7. You’ll be added to a private group so you have support and additional resources as you try out new tools and strategies. We all know things often don’t go as planned.  Especially on the job.  So every week you’ll have the opportunity to try out new things then come to the group for ideas on how to tweak your approach, deal with a surprise reaction, or come up with a plan B.  It’s a wonderful thing to be supported by smart, like-minded nannies!

  8. The class is created to connect with nannies at all different levels. If you’re new to Positive Discipline, you’ll learn the core principles and tools of the approach and how to put them into action with your kids.  If you’re experienced with Positive Discipline, you’ll deepen your practice by learning how to be a more consistent practitioner that can handle more complex, unique challenges and situations. 

  9. You’ll leave the class a more calm, confident caregiver.

  10. Certification makes you more marketable. Let’s be honest; one of the reasons professionals take continuing education is to stay marketable and to increase her earning potential. Nanny professional are no different.  This training offers a full session devoted to how to use your new certification to boost your future earnings. 

Get all the details about Connection Centered Discipline here.

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