Share What You Know: Nanny Edition 2021

You know who has the best ideas?  Nannies and those that work in the nanny care industry.  I’m constantly learning from my colleagues; not only about childcare but about so many other things.  This September during National Nanny Appreciation Week, Nanny Care Hub will host the Share What You Know: Nanny Edition 2021, an online fair featuring a wide variety of information-based sessions along with how-to demonstrations in 10 different tracks. 

  1. job search skills (e.g. resumes, portfolios, interviewing)

  2. on the job success (e.g. setting boundaries, working with a dog)

  3. nanny moms – nannies who bring their child to work (e.g. dispelling the myths around bringing your child to work during the job search process, developing your sick child policy)

  4. nanny shares (e.g. how pay and benefits work, when a family leaves the share)

  5. childcare, from newborn to teens (e.g. potty training, managing transitions, supporting virtual learners)

  6. family assisting (e.g. working with vendors, time management, travel planning)

  7. crunchy (e.g. creating a non-toxic home environment, making your own personal care products)

  8. self-care (e.g. exercise for crazy schedules, creating a vision board, finding your creative release)

  9. business (e.g. expanding your side gig, marketing your agency)

  10. hodgepodge – whatever else we want!

The sessions will run from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on content. 

Share What Your Know: Nanny Edition will also feature nanny groups and businesses / vendors from across the country along with prize giveaways.  The only thing missing will be fair food.  (Are there mail order corn dogs?) 

DATES: Friday, September 17th through Saturday September 25th, 2021. 

LOCATION: Zoom (at least we’re all experts by now!)

PRESENTERS:  People from all areas and levels of our industry are encouraged to participate.  Nannies, family assistants, newborn care specialists, agencies, vendors, employers, and anyone else who’s willing to share their expertise or know-how with others.

COST:  Free!  All our presenters are providing their time, talent, and energy free of charge so everyone can benefit from this event.  If the presenter has a business, we encourage you to visit and share their social media pages and refer them if they offer something a friend needs. 

If you’d like to submit a proposal or suggest someone as a presenter, email me at

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