Results of Raise Survey April 2022

This was a really interesting survey to me.  We had 183 responses from different parts of the country, all from nannies that have been in their job for at least one year.  Thank you to everyone who participated and shared the link to the survey!  

The first graph shows that 21.3% of nannies DIDN’T receive either a cost of living raise or a performance based raise.  At a minimum, every nanny should be receiving a cost of living increase to keep up with with increased rent, utilities, food, gas, etc.  This is something we need to advocate for harder in the industry.

The second graph shows the size of the market that responses are coming in from.  Since we’re not taking a city by city survey, the size of the market gives us a great point of comparison.

This survey talks about the raise as a percentage of the nanny’s current hourly rate rather than a set number.  Why?  Set numbers like $2 and $5 are misleading in comparisons and don’t give nannies and employers looking for guidance the full picture. A nanny that currently makes $35 an hour and receives a $5 an hour raise sees a 14% increase in income. A nanny that currently makes $18 an hour and receives a $5 an hour raise sees a 27% increase in income. Big difference.  The results you see here give you a much clearer picture of what’s happening in the industry.  

I put together graphs that show the raise amount by size of market and number of years in the position.  Interesting to see that midsize and small markets are showing the highest raises for nannies in their jobs less than 6 years.  And I love seeing the raise numbers for those in jobs long term.  Shows longevity pays off.

Finally, I put together a graph that show the satisfaction of the raise.  Did nannies get what they asked for?  How did benefits play into it all?

I asked several other questions in the survey including:

  • What percentage of the raise was cost of living and what percentage was performance based?  How many employers didn’t separate out the two?
  • If the nanny received expanded benefits, what were they?
  • How many nannies include a raise in their contract? 
  • How many nannies participated in a performance review at the time of their raise?
  • Who started the raise conversation?
  • How important was a raise to caregivers?  Would they have stayed without it?  If they didn’t get what they wanted, are they planning to leave?

You can see the survey in full and get the answers to all the questions here.

There was the option to enter your raise amount and base wage rather than figure out the percentage. Here are the responses that were entered in by hand.

large market: 13%, 4%, 29%, 6%, 10 %
midsize market: 10%, 10%, 10%, 9%, 5%, 11%, 22%, 5%, 6%, 8%, 5%
small market, 23%, 2%
mini market, 13%, 20%, 7%

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