Positive Language: Is It In Your Job Search Skill Set?


Hopefully as caregivers we all use positive language throughout the day with our kids.  It’s a simple yet powerful technique: state things in positive rather than negative terms.  “Please put your shoes on now” instead of “Quit playing and get ready for school”  “I really appreciate it when you help me make your bed” instead of “Do you think it’s my job to make your bed for you?”   “Please eat your carrots too” instead of “You can’t just eat chicken nuggets”

Positive language is also the prefect tool to use in your job search.  It’s a great way to outline your wish list, boundaries and reframe potential stumbling blocks.  Yes, you’re pretty much saying the same thing but you’re saying it in a way that’s comes across as firm yet agreeable.

Let me give some simple examples.

Wish List     Instead of “I don’t want to work for a stay-at-home mom” you can say “I enjoy working for a professional couple”.

Boundaries     Instead of “I don’t really want to walk the dog” you can say “I’d love to work in a home with a dog and would be happy to let him in and out during the day as long as there’s a fenced yard to keep him safe.”

Reframe Stumbling Blocks     Instead of “I left because I just couldn’t stand how messy they were” you can say “I really enjoyed working for them but after a while it was clear that our styles of keeping house were very different.  I left so we both could find a better match.  Of course we’re still friends and I love staying in contact with the kids”.

I’d love to read about how you’ve changed negative statements into positive ones. Need help? Post it and I’ll be happy to share some ideas with you.

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