New Baby Raise Survey Results April 2022

First, I want to thank all those that shared the survey and took the survey. We had 178 responses. Given only those that welcomed a new baby into their nanny family in the last year took the survey, I think that’s a great response.

I began to summarize the results and realized that showing the actual results would be most helpful.

I asked about market size to get an idea of who was answering, however market size is not connected to specific answers so it’s more of a “that’s interesting” part. Did I mention that statistics aren’t my thing?

I found the results to be really helpful. Most interesting to me:

a large percentage of nannies do receive a new baby raise (83.7%) and some haven’t talked about it yet so I’d expect that number to tick up a bit

91.6% negotiated their raise based on a set amount rather than a percentage

$1 to $3 is the raise most nannies are receiving

when the raise goes into effect is fairly evenly split between when the baby comes home, when mom goes back to work, and somewhere in between

I hope both employers and nannies find this helpful. I’d love to hear your comments over at our facebook page.

You can download the survey results as a PDF here.

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