Who doesn’t love a great play date?  National Nanny Play Date is an opportunity for nannies and their charges to connect with other nannies in their local community.  Being a nanny can be an isolating job.  Connecting with others builds your professional network, provides support, and develops new friendships for you and the kids you care for.

Planning an event is easy.  Pick a spot, invite others in your community, and have a good time.  A play date event can be that simple or if you want, you can add in games, a craft activity, or a picnic lunch.  If you have any questions, please email me at info@NannyCareHub.com.

To participate and be listed in on our national list, complete the form below.


National Nanny Playdate Registration

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There must be ONE individual assigned as organizer to liaison with Nanny Care Hub around the event.
If the organizer is connected to a nanny group or nanny-related business, please list title.
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If you know the address of the event, please list it. If you're still in the planning stage, list TBA.
If you know the start and/or end time, please list them. If you're still in the planning stage, list TBA.
If you know what your event will be, give a brief description (e.g. picnic and art activity, meet-up at splash park). If you're still in the planning stage, list TBA.
If there's a fee that will be collected by the host to attend, please list it here and detail what it includes (e.g. $5 for art supplies for the group project). Tickets may only cover costs. If there isn't a cost, list $0. If you're still in the planning stage, list TBA.
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