National Nanny Get-Together Event Sign-Up

To list your event on our national list, please complete the form below.  Before you start, please review the guidelines and make sure they work for you.


All events must be held on Friday, June 24th, Saturday, June 25th, or Sunday, June 26th.  The exact date and time are up to you.

Because these events are focused on small communities, there may be multiple events in each city.  You must be supportive of other events to participate.  

Nanny Care Hub is a big tent company and all organizers in our events must commit to hosting an inclusive, non-discriminatory event.  The goal behind NNGT is to bring nannies together from local communities to make personal and professional connections and that happens best when all are welcome.  

You can change a fee to cover the participation cost of the event, however, you cannot make a profit.  If you are a nanny group not affiliated with a business or an individual starting a nanny group not affiliated with a business, you can ask for donations from attendees or sell sponsorships and/or advertising.  The idea behind this is to make it the most affordable it can be to attendees and support nanny groups in raising money for future events while not allowing businesses to make a profit from community building.  (Most businesses don’t want to make a profit, they want to plan an event to serve their nanny community however, the guideline is in place for that one outlier).  

You must decide on a COVID policy, whether that means having restrictions or not having restrictions, and provide that to attendees at least 1 week before the event or before you collect any fees.

Rayz Kidz, the app for high quality childcare, is generously sponsoring NNGT this year.  By listing your event, you agree to thank them at the beginning of your event and hand out any promotional materials provided.  You don’t have to become a salesperson, just give a genuine thank you and share information.  

OK, if all that works for you, let’s get your event listed!!  I’ll be updating the national list on Wednesdays and Sundays.

If you have any questions about hosting an event, email me at


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