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I’m excited to launch a resource I’ve been thinking about for years: city pages.  We all know in the nanny world the biggest factor that impacts supply and demand, types of jobs and caregivers, wages, benefits, the nanny community, and employment trends is your location.  But it’s incredibly hard to get accurate information and find helpful connections for your local nanny market because almost all industry resources are lumped together nationwide.  There’s a better way.  This summer, Nanny Care Hub is creating a city page for each nanny market in the country.  Each city page will link to the results of the Nanny Wage and Benefit Survey for that area, link to back-up temp services and nanny agencies that place in that area, and link to the nanny groups that serve the local nanny community. 

Here’s a little more about each.

City-by-City Wage and Benefit Survey  Want to know what the going rate and benefit package is for nannies and family assistants in your area?  That info is coming in August after the close of our wage and benefit survey at the end of July.  The survey has already gotten over 5,500 responses and the numbers are still growing.  If you’re a nanny in the US and haven’t taken it yet, now’s the perfect time.  It’s anonymous and only take 5 minutes.  Click here to take the survey now.

Back-Up Care Listings  Nanny care means there’s not a staff person to jump in and provide care when the nanny is out for whatever reason.  Parents need to have a back-up plan and that often includes a local nanny temp service that provides qualified, screened, last minute childcare professionals for short assignments, from 1 day to several weeks.  Sometimes these services are offered through the local nanny placement agency and sometimes they’re stand alone businesses.  Either way, our city pages back-up listings will help parents quickly and easily find a service that works for them. 

Placement Agency Listings  Placement agencies can be an excellent search partner for parents and nannies / family assistants, making the vetting and matching process faster, easier, and less stressful.  So how do you find an agency that serves your area and provides the services you need?  Not all agencies are the same and the generic, often outdated listings you find on google or national directories don’t help much.  On our city pages, you’ll find current, accurate, comprehensive information on agencies in your area so you can make the best decision for your search.  

Nanny Group Listings  In-person nanny groups and area-focused online groups that provide face-to-face connection opportunities are the backbone of a local market’s nanny community.  They’re volunteer run and provide networking, resources, support, informal mentoring, and often professional development.  Our city page nanny group listings are another way Nanny Care Hub is working to help nannies build community across the country.  Nannies, If there’s not a group currently in your area and you’re interested in getting one started, please email me for resources. 

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