COVID-19 Relief Options for Those Paid Under the Table

There are a lot of resource rich webinars and blog posts available around the financial relief available to nannies during this pandemic.  However they all assume the nanny was paid legally.  There are countless caregivers in our community who are paid under the table meaning their employer has not paid taxes on their earnings.  This webinar is focused on those caregivers, their options, and how each option affects their employers in the real world.  

During the webinar we referenced the article Is Now the Right Time to Put Your Nanny or Caregiver on the Books? by HomeWork Solutions.  If you’re a nanny getting ready to talk to your employers about catching up on past taxes, it’s a great resource.

You can listen the full session here.  I want to thank Rachel Lawrence of HomeWork Solutions for sharing her time and expertise with the Nanny Care Hub community.

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