Welcome to the newest (and largest!) resource offered by Nanny Care Hub: city pages.  We all know in the nanny world the biggest factor that impacts supply and demand, types of jobs and caregivers, wages, benefits, the nanny community, and employment trends is your location.  But it’s incredibly hard for employers and candidates to find helpful information on the services available in their local market because the generic and often outdated listings and resources on google and national directories don’t help much.  On our city pages, visitors will find area-focused results of the wage and benefit survey, back-up care options, nanny groups and current, accurate, detailed information on local placement agencies, making it fast and easy to connect with the services they need.  

How is this listing different?
Your Nanny Care Hub agency listing is much more than just a one paragraph summary and your contact information.  It offers employers and candidates an in-depth look at who you are as a company and what you offer in the nanny placement sphere.  Unique aspects of our listings are:

  • a 90 to 120 second introduction video
  • narrative where you can introduce what’s most important to you: your mission, your company ethos, your staff, your screening and matching process, whatever you want to share!
  • dedicated message to potential employer clients and a link to the employer page on your website
  • dedicated message to potential candidate clients and a link to the candidate page on your website
  • links to your major social media profiles
  • links to the biggest review sites you use (Yelp, google, facebook, your website testimonial page)
  • inclusion of city specific contact information for agencies that have multiple offices / locations
  • inclusion of your temp service (for an additional fee)

How are the City Pages organized?
Each city page will link to the results of the Nanny Wage and Benefit Survey for that area, link to back-up temp services and nanny agencies that place in that area, and link to the nanny groups that serve the local nanny community.  So whatever resource a potential parent or nanny client is looking for, they start on the page that includes your listing. 

On each city page, your agency will have a short listing that includes your agency’s name, area served, introduction video, and a link to your detailed profile.    

What is the pricing?
Your placement agency listing can be included on all the city pages where you make placements even if you don’t serve the entire area (e.g. if you place in the eastside suburbs of Seattle, you’d be listed on the Seattle metro area page). If you place nationwide, you can also be listed on a list specifically for nationwide agencies. 

Because multi-city agencies often only have temp services in select cities, you can add a separate listing for your temporary or back-up services based on where you provide those services.

Yes, I want to get my agency listed!  What’s next?
Click the listing and temp options you’re interested in for your agency to purchase your space. On your confirmation page or from your confirmation email, download the Get Started sheet.  This will give you the information you need to complete your listing.  It’s not difficult to complete, however it is unique so it’s helpful to know the fields available.  The listing will be listed on the city page according to the date of purchase, not alphabetical (first come, first listed) so grab yours now

I’m excited to work with you as Nanny Care Hub moves into its new phase. If you have any questions, please reach out at by email or phone (‪(207) 370-4181‬). I’m always happy to help.