Hi!  Lora Brawley here.  Nanny Care Hub is the launch pad for my nanny care related resources and offerings  I encourage you to check them out and you’ll discover a lot of really amazing resources.  You can find my full bio below.

Want to get in touch?  You can email me at info@NannyCareHub.com (this is the best way to reach me) or give me a call at 207 370-4181‬.

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This site features the popular A to Z Nanny Contract, the best contract in the business…guaranteed!

NannyU is a unique learning community that provides educational for nannies, parents, and placement agencies.

Lora Brawley’s Bio
For those wanting expert help in the recruitment, screening and retention of quality in-home caregivers and the creation of successful nanny / family relationships, Lora Brawley offers a wealth of experience and expertise.  During her 30 plus years in the nanny industry, she’s earned a reputation for providing a unique blend of common-sense strategies and intuitive guidance to the nannies, parents, and agencies she works with. 

Lora has developed a variety of exclusive tools and trainings to help parents and nannies find success in the employment relationship.  The popular A to Z Nanny Contract has become the benchmark for developing a comprehensive nanny contract that is balanced, fair, and legal.  Her upcoming hiring and job search guides will bring her decades of expertise to life through a user-friendly, on demand program.

All of Lora’s offering are infused with her expertise in interpersonal communication and conflict resolution.  As a certified family mediator, conflict coach, communications trainer, and Positive Discipline Parent Educator, she blends her passion for connection-centered parenting and caregiving with practical, yet transformative, communication skills in a variety of training and facilitating roles including coaching, center and school staff training. and conference presentations at local, regional, and national conferences including several NAEYC annual conferences. 


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