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If you value diverse perspectives, respectful communication, shared experiences, quality care, and a welcoming community of professionals, you’re going to love what’s happening on the Hub over the next year.  Each month I’ll be addressing a key topic, providing in-depth exploration and discussion.  I’d love for you to join me in this journey.

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Starting in September, each month Nanny Care Hub will embark on an in-depth exploration of a topic that impacts nannies and family assistants both professionally and personally. We’ll delve into each topic through a variety of interactive forums, each designed to offer unique perspectives, foster meaningful discussions, and contribute to a richer, more nuanced understanding. Join me for a transformative experience that will empower you with new insights and practical skills, helping you thrive in your role.

Each month, we’ll explore the topic through various avenues, including:

  • online zoom chats 
  • interviews with nannies and other in-home professionals, sharing their experiences and know-how
  • interviews with topic experts, sharing their insights and advice
  • collaborative articles featuring in-home professionals’ stories and expertise
  • collaborative articles featuring agencies’ insight and advice
  • featured social media discussions with question prompts on Nanny Care Hub Cadre facebook and LinkedIn groups and Nanny Care Hub facebook page
  • resource downloads

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As an in-home professional, balance is key in so many areas and also so hard to achieve.  Balancing professional boundaries with being responsive to your employer’s needs, taking care of your physical and mental health while taking care of your charges, balancing the extended schedule common in our industry with a quality life / work balance.  This month will be devoted to exploring the many facets of heathy balance and how to achieve them.


childcare challenges

We love kids but that doesn’t mean their behavior isn’t challenging at times.  This month we’ll explore common challenges, why kids are acting that way, how to best manage the behavior in real time, teaching the skills needed to do things differently in the future, getting on the same page as parents, and staying sane through it all.  So much to talk about!


niche jobs

There are more and more niche jobs within our market that can offer new challenges.  They’re not right for everyone, but for many they offer exciting new opportunities.  This month we’ll delve into nanny jobs with family assistant duties, full-charge family assistant positions, ROTA nannies, HNW / HP families, and other niche jobs.  What are these jobs really like?  What qualifications or connections do you need to land one?  Where do you find them?  This month we’ll get the inside scoop on all of it.


real world self care

It’s easy to becoming overwhelmed and burnout even at a great job in our industry.  This month we’ll talk about what consistent, meaningful self-care really looks like and how to incorporate it into your daily life.



We’re going to unpack all the nuances that go into this always popular topic.  We’ll dive into wages, stipends, benefits, and raises; the impact a professional’s qualifications and the employer’s job description, style, and work environment have on compensation.  We’ll share strategies and resources for negotiation, contracts, and performance reviews.  It’s going to be a blockbuster learning month.



Traveling is a part of most nanny jobs, whether that’s once a year, once a month, or for weeks or months at a time.  We’re going to jump into everything that should be talked about and agreed to before leaving, managing the unknowns and random snafus that pop up during the trip, providing quality care on the road, and maintaining a life at home when you spend a lot of time away from family and friends.  This will be a very interesting topic to “unpack”. 


high quality care

We talk about high quality childcare in our industry all the time but what does it mean in real world terms?  What education, experience, and skills does a quality caregiver have and what type of environment do they create for the kids they care for?  How can we effectively share with others – our family and friends, employers, the greater childcare community, society in general – that nanny care is quality care, not babysitting or watching kids?  How do we feel about the work we do, the professionals we are?  It will be a month of lively, thoughtful discussion. 


the employment relationship

The nanny / parent relationship is unique, and it’s one only other nannies can truly understand.  This month we’re going to explore the nuances of that relationship.  We’ll tackle common problems, sticky situations, effective communication, managing big emotions, and creating the type of employment relationship you want and need. This will be a month of self-discovery and new success practices.



“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” Mr. Rogers

This month is devoted to play!  Let’s learn about the many different types of play and how each can be incorporated into a fun, engaging day.  How to talk to parents about the learning aspects of play in a way that helps them understand and value “just playing”.  Understanding curriculums, supplemental activities, play prompts, and other tools and strategies and how they fit into the big picture.  It will be a month of learning to create richer and more engaging play experiences. 



Working in an unregulated, undervalued, and misunderstood industry means we do a lot of advocacy.  For fair wages, standard benefits, respectful employment relationships, safe, comfortable work spaces, and professional respect.  This month we’re going to share our stories, goals, challenges, and strategies for advocating for ourselves individually and for our industry in general.  We’ll take a special look at how to be a respectful, effective industry advocate on social media.

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